Half-orc Druid


Uzak tries to get along with most anyone, realizing that having more allies is always better than having less, especially in a place like Trunau. While you don’t have to necessarily like everyone, getting along is still important. He will try to make allies where possible, but is sometimes clumsy in the process. He has an intimidating stature as well as many tattoos (resulting in the sacred tattoos trait). He has a particular distrust of trolls and giants (large or larger creatures) due to some local families where giants and trolls have taken out farms in the area (leading to the goliath druid archetype).


Uzak isn’t a true half-orc. There is orc blood in the lineage two steps back, making him ¼-orc. The exact nature of the cause is uncertain in the family history, but it is from the father’s side. His traits are mostly human, but he has the physical stature and muscular build of an orc. His skin is slightly pale green, most noticeable in sunlight.

He grew up on the family’s farm in Trunau helping to create food supplies for the town. The family also has a herd of sheep for wool production. As a child, Uzak spent his free time exploring the area around Trunau. With care and caution he learned how to harness some of the powers of nature. This eventually led him to being a druid. Everyone in the town learns to fight, and Uzak was no exception. He took training from a dwarf who stayed in the town for a few years before moving on, learning how to fight creatures larger than an orc or human. This eventually led to spending some time in the town’s militia. Some time after that, Uzak bore a desire to seek and take out those who would harm the town where they live.

Uzak’s father, Urthudar, is a full half-orc and travels between Trunau and Freedom Town assisting Trunau in obtaining needed items in return for trade and information. He participates in a small merchant caravan that makes trips throughout the year.

Uzak’s mother, Natalie, is a human and works on a farm the family own outside Trunau. She earns an additional income by being a tailor/seamstress in Trunau.

Uzak has an older brother, Rayth, who mostly works the farm, and a younger sister, Nara, who works a little on the farm and most of the time in town.


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